Flavorful 9021Pho Comes to 91362

Traditional French Vietnamese flavors meet California cuisine at 9021Pho, newly opened at The Lakes in Thousand Oaks. This is the fifth restaurant opened by chef Kimmy Tang, who named her business for the zip code of  her first location in Beverly Hills.

Conejo Valley Happening sat down to chat with Tang, who tries to hit at least two restaurants a day. The self-taught chef specializes in making unique dishes reminiscent of her Vietnamese homeland but giving them a healthful yet flavorful twist. “I like my dishes to be fresh and refreshing,” said Tang. “Some people  say, ‘that’s not traditional Vietnamese,’ but I make a twist. I cut out all the fat and I don’t use msg.”

Tang said she wants her customers to leave feeling satisfied but not full. “You will have a big meal but won’t feel tired,” she said.  Tang also considers the dietary preferences of her patrons. For example, soup bases for beef, chicken and vegetable are all created and served out of separate pots.

What’s next for Tang? She continues to look for new locations and she will soon be offering cooking classes.

9021Pho is located at 2200 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks; (805) 494-6633



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