Annual Pageant Crowns Future Movers and Shakers


Teen Winner: Krisy Walker

In its third year, Pageant 360 was held at the Agoura Hills Recreation and Event Center on June 18th. Not your typical beauty pageant, its founder, Carly Hartman, created the event to inspire young women, ages 14-24, to become confident future movers and shakers.

The program consists of a two-day confidence-building conference leading up to the pageant itself.
“Pageant 360, 2016 really touched my heart,” said Hartman. “The girls this year were different. You would have thought that they already knew each other before walking into our conference on Day One. However, they were all just meeting for the first time! They all became best friends within one hour of meeting and that just set the pace for the rest of the week!”
The girls with the highest score in talent, poise, posture, intellectual skills and physical fitness are crowned. This year, eleven girls competed for top prizes. There are categories for both “young adult” and “teen.”
“Their bond together as a group was life-changing to witness,” said Hartman, a Calabasas resident. “I go into each year’s Pageant 360 ready to change girls’ lives, but this year, they really changed mine. I could not have been more excited to see these beautiful souls be so radically transformed throughout our week together. Bring it on 2017!”
This year’s winners:
Young Adult Winner: Karyn Bailey
Young Adult Runner-Up: Claudia Jefferson
Teen Winner: Krisy Walker
Teen Runner-Up: Margot Ermer
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Watch the highlights in the video below:


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