Mira Reverente

The Money Savvy Mommy: How to Find a Mentor

by Mira Reverente This week, I was invited by a local high school to participate in its bi-annual Mentors Expo. After the inital introductions, we broke up into groups and in the first round, I got about seven students who wanted to know more about journalism. One student asked if I have ever mentored a […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: Own Your Expertise

by Mira Reverente Yesterday, two checks came in the mail; one from an old client and one from a new one. More than the amounts themselves, having them in my hand gave me immense satisfaction, knowing that I cultivated the clients myself and that I was being paid for my expertise. It brought to mind […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: 5 Ways to Set Goals and Smash Them

by Mira Reverente It’s not quite the New Year yet, but I am already thinking about my goals for 2017. Note that I said goals, not resolutions. For me, goals are more specific and measurable. Resolutions sound temporary, trendy and whimsical, something that’s bound to become forgotten come Valentine’s Day or Easter. Some of the […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: Expect the Unexpected

by Mira Reverente Life threw me a curveball recently. Nothing too dramatic or life-threatening, but it came in the form of a jury summons at a very busy and inconvenient time. I had just wrapped up a large project and was looking forward to some down time before other large projects pick up again in […]

3 Great Races Join Forces for Community Health Awareness

(From a press release) It was recently announced the Calabasas Classic Run, Reyes Adobe Days (RAD) Run and the Muddy Warriors Xperience have joined up to create a one-of-a- kind health experience for individuals, running groups and teams in all Southern California communities. Participate in all three events! Everyone is encouraged to enter the BIG […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: Why You Need a Will

by Mira Reverente There is something about single parenthood or getting older, or both, that makes one take a step back and do some reassessment. Recently, I was thinking, “What would happen to my kids if I suddenly pass away next month or next year?” And also, “What about my house and other assets? Will […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: 8 Signs You Might Be Broke

by Mira Reverente There are two ways to be poor, according to a recent story on MSN Money. There are people who don’t earn much and live below the federal poverty line like 47 million people or 15 percent of Americans, according to the US Census Bureau. Then there’s another kind–those who make good money […]

13th Annual Thousand Oaks Arts Fest Delights and Entertains

by Mira Reverente Performances, vendors and visual artists entertained crowds at the 13th annual Thousand Oaks Arts Festival held at The Lakes in Thousand Oaks. Over 50 visual artists in the fields of photography, watercolor, oils, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, pastels and street painting exhibited their latest works and performed demos. World-renowned sculptor Delesprie was […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: Make Your Business Cards Work For You

by Mira Reverente “Oh, I’m so sorry, I just gave out my last one.” “I haven’t ordered them. Can I write down my number on this Post-it/flier/receipt?” “I have some in my car. Want me to get it?” Have you ever heard one or all of the above at a business or social event? I […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: Why You Should Teach Your Kids How to Budget

by Mira Reverente I tried something new this past back-to-school. I gave my 12-year-old a budget. In the past, she would just give me a school supply list and a clothing list. We would head to the stores and we would buy everything on her lists, regardless of whether I could afford it or not. […]