Mira Reverente

The Money Savvy Mommy: When Free Isn’t Really Free

by Mira Reverente What’s the catch? That’s what comes to mind when I hear that something is free. I’ll admit it. I love free stuff as much as the next person. Who doesn’t? But unless you’ve been living under a rock for much of your adult life, you know they aren’t really free right? Free […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: Trust in the Process

by Mira Reverente “Trust in the process.” How many times have you heard this? Another variation I often hear is “have faith,” which isn’t always palatable to non-believers, thinking they’re going to get a long lecture. Where I live, people start tuning you out when they hear you talk about “faith” or “spirituality.” What I […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: How I Kickstarted My Book

by Mira Reverente I was recently invited to speak about my author journey. The invitation was extended by a local writers group of which I’m a member, the Ventura County Writers Club. Beyond the content generation and writing process, my fellow members were more interested in Kickstarter, crowd-funding or fundraising method I used with much success […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: Back-to-School B-A-S-I-C-S

by Mira Reverente Today, I got a jump start on this mania called back-to-school season. Even though my own daughter’s first day of school is not until the latter part of August, my exchange student started school today. As I was driving her to school, I came up with a plan in my head to […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: Stop Being a Perfectionist

by Mira Reverente I am a recovering perfectionist. For the longest time, I have been stuck in the never-ending quest for the perfect childhood, the perfect college, the perfect marriage, the perfect children and so on and so forth. I blame my dad. Well, partly, but in a good way too. He held me to […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: Worry Less, Live More

by Mira Reverente I come from at least three generations of worriers. My maternal grandma worried about everything under the sun and so did my mom, and my mom’s sisters. So there’s a lot of worrying that goes on in my family, enough to spread around our respective neighborhoods and two continents where my extended family […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: Stop Making Excuses

by Mira Reverente “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”  – Jim Rohn Have you ever heard someone say they won’t do something because they’re afraid? The retiree who won’t travel, because they’re afraid of traveling alone; your friend who won’t launch a business, […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: 5 Things I Didn’t Know Until I Became a Single Mom

By Mira Reverente I hear these a lot: “You’re a single mom? Does it scare you sometimes?” “Do you have help? You must be always exhausted.” “It must be nice not to have to share anything with a spouse.” “Yes” to the first two and a resounding “oh yeah!” to the last one. Single parenthood […]

The Money Savvy Mommy: Why You Should Hit That Pause Button

by Mira Reverente If you are reading this, you probably know that all-too-familiar feeling of burn-out, being overwhelmed, overworked or being just over-everything. If you are responding to emails long after the kids are in bed and fielding phone calls on the weekend during sports practices, it might be time to hit that pause button. […]

Osteria Orto: An Authentic Taste of Italy in the Conejo Valley

by Mira Reverente Dreaming of an Italian getaway or food-based vacation this summer? Look no further than Agoura Hills and Osteria Orto. Well-Traveled Chefs Opened in May, the restaurant’s earthy decor recalls the rustic ambiance of a Tuscan villa with lots of charm and character. The food is another story, inspired by the Marche region of Italy from […]