Calabasas Achieves 47% Water Savings with Citywide Smart Irrigation Control System

Three years after the successful installation of the Citywide Smart Irrigation Control System, Calabasas has achieved a 47% saving on recycled water used for irrigation of the Civic Center, City parks, street medians and parkways, according to data provided by the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District. The reduction in water consumption is equal to 60,000 gallons for one year and represents the largest saving since the system was installed.

“Calabasas is proud to continue its commitment to protecting our natural resources including water through this system that automatically adjusts irrigation run times and uses sensors and weather information to manage watering times and frequency.” said Calabasas Mayor Mary Sue Maurer. “When residents and visitors to our community see our purple pipes, they know that we are safely using recycled water in a highly environmentally conscious way. However, it is vital for everyone in Calabasas to continue to serve water, as 70% of our supply is imported from other regions.”

Following Governor Brown’s 2015 mandate to reduce water usage by 25%, Calabasas achieved 36% savings during the drought year of 2015-2016, a figure surpassed by the most recent 47% reduction.

The Smart Irrigation Control System was completed in 2014 and was financed by California Department of Water Resources, the City’s General Fund and rebates from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. 

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