Camera Captures Mountain Lion, Cubs Feeding

P-13 feeds with her cubs.

P-13 feeds with her cubs.

A remote camera, established in the Santa Monica Mountains by the National Park Service, recently captured several images of local mountain lions feeding. The photographs were posted Wedesday on the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Facebook page.

The female lion, also know as P-13, and her 10-month-old kittens, P-28 and P-30, were captured on-camera during a  kill in Malibu Creek State Park.

The three cats spent two nights sharing their meal of mule deer. A study of more than 400+ kill found that mule deer accounts for 95 percent of mounta lion kills, according the Kate Kuykendall of the Natonal Park Service.

WARNING: The photos depict mountain lions eating a deer and may be disturbing for some people. Click here to view more images

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