2015 Happening List – Time to Vote!

For the past two weeks, you’ve nominated all of your favorites in the Conejo Valley for the 2015 Happening List competition. Now, it’s time to vote! The Happening List is a People’s Choice contest of people, places, events and businesses in and around the Conejo Valley. We have about 200 categories that fall under these 11 […]

The Travel Muse: Cook Like A World Traveler || Italian Ricotta Cheesecake Recipe

by Nathalie Basha I got a request on Instagram from a viewer, @thecultclassy, to make a dish from Italy, so I made my favorite Italian dessert, ricotta cheesecake! It’s completely different from New York cheesecake (which makes me feel like I swallowed a rock). There’s no cream cheese, only ricotta, so it’s light and fluffy. […]

Healthy Cooking With Chef Lala: Recipe For Healthy Kids School Lunches

by Chef Lala Parents often feel helpless over what their kids eat at school. Here are a few tips to help you take some control. Find out what choices your kids have so that you can help them make good choices. Don’t assume your school provides a healthy lunch. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine […]

Introducing the Inaugural Conejo Valley Happening List!

We all know how awesomely amazing the Conejo Valley is, right? From restaurants and bars to gyms, salons, festivals and so much more, the area has so much to offer, and we all have our favorites. Now it’s time to recognize those people, places and events that make us so incredible! The Inaugural Conejo Valley Happening List is designed to do just […]

The Travel Muse: Cook Like A World Traveler With Asparagus Gruyere Tart Recipe

by Nathalie Basha It may look like I’m constantly traveling, but the truth is, I have tons of down time at home, living normal life. So during those in-between moments, I keep the spirit of travel and adventure alive through my kitchen. I have a particular obsession with all things French, so when I’m craving […]

Behind the Counter: ONYX Restaurant

Welcome to our video series, “Behind the Counter,” an insider’s look at the creation of some of the Conejo Valley’s best known signature dishes.  ONYX Restaurant, located at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, is renowned in the Conejo Valley for its fine, progressive Japanese cuisine, featuring gourmet twists on sushi, sashimi and specialty […]

Healthy Cooking With Chef Lala: Cinnamon Apple Pancakes for Mother’s Day

by Chef Lala I remember as a child, along with my two sisters and brother, making my mom pancakes and taking it to her in bed on Mother’s Day. My son, Maddox, has adopted the tradition by creating his and my favorite Mother’s Day breakfast. Cinnamon Apple Pancakes 13/4 cups pancake mix 1/4 teaspoon ground […]

Behind the Counter: 9021Pho

Welcome to our video series, “Behind the Counter,” an insider’s look at the creation of some of the Conejo Valley’s best known signature dishes.  Traditional French Vietnamese flavors meet California cuisine at 9021Pho, recently opened at The Lakes in Thousand Oaks. It is the fifth location opened by Chef Kimmy Tang. Go with us “behind […]

Healthy Cooking With Chef Lala: Refreshing Quinoa Salad

by Chef Lala As you walk the grocery aisle, there are more and more examples of colorful produce that is usually grown in spring and summer time. Fruits and vegetables of all colors are ready for the taking and ready to be experimented with. Quinoa Salad is a great dish to create either as a […]

Healthy Cooking With Chef Lala: Fajitas de Pollo

by Chef Lala You may love the hearty flavors of the fajita, but have you ever wondered where the dish comes from? The origins of the the fajita, a shortened term for little strips of meat cut from the faja or beef skirt, dates back to the 1930s in the ranch lands of West and South Texas. When a […]