Local Students to Take Common Core Assessment Test

Students in grades 3-8 will take a Common Core assessment.

Students in grades 3-8 will take a Common Core assessment.

This week, the Las Virgenes Unified School District sent out an all-call from Superintendent Dan Stepenosky regarding the development of a new online assessment for the Common Core Standards. This assessment is meant to be a ‘test of the test,’ according to Stepenosky.

“It is replacing the STAR exam, will be online, [and] eventually it will be adaptive, meaning if a student is getting everything right, the questions get harder and if they get some wrong it will get a bit easier,” he said.  “There will be over 80,000 questions in the bank.”

The Common Core Standards is a national education initiative which details what all students should know in language arts and mathematics in grades K-12. It was established to set consistent educational standards across the states and to ensure that graduating high school students are prepared to enter either college or the workforce.

“Since it’s online … we’ll get results on our students during the year instead of August, which will greatly help guide instruction,” Stepenosky said. “As with everything, this will be a process.”

In addition to allowing the state to check the validity of the questions, the so-called “test of the test” will provide the district with the opportunity to confirm that their technology can support its administration.

Students in grades three through eight can expect to take the assessment between April 7th and May 16th.

For more information about the Common Core Standards initiative, go to the official website

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