Conejo Valley in the Movies: ‘Where Have All The People Gone?’


There have been lots of film and television production in and around the Conejo Valley over the decades. From time to time, we will post links and videos here to share with you.

Where Have All The People Gone? was a made for TV movie that was broadcast in 1974. It starred Peter Graves, Kathleen Quinlan, George O’Hanlon Jr. and Verna Bloom. Do you remember seeing it on TV or watching it being filmed in and around Agoura Hills (particularly at the Whizin’s market)?

A link to the film on YouTube was recently posted on the Facebook page Top 10 (or 256) Ways You Know You Grew Up in Agoura. The poster wrote:

This sci-fi movie from 1974 was filmed mostly in and around Agoura. Classic Whizin’s Market starts about 48:00. The quality isn’t great, but it’s watchable. I was able to recognize several other familiar places too. Some of us kids can remember hanging around the area that day watching the filming

Here’s the movie in its entirety. It’s fun to watch  Enjoy!



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