Conejo Valley Man Performs ALS Ice Bucket Challenge While Conserving Water

Everyone from celebrities to every day folk have accepted and posted the trending ALS Ice Bucket Video Challenge. Now, a Conejo Valley resident has taken on that challenge but in a unique and mindful manner.

“My friend Danny Gold challenged me to do it,” said David Pascal, a creative director and husband of CV Happening editor Susan Pascal. “And I wanted to honor his request, but I am also aware of the serious drought conditions we’re currently facing.”

In order to promote awareness of the devistating illness known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” Pascal decided to get creative.

“We shot a series of still images on the iPhone while I progressively dunked my head to waist in my swimming pool,” he said.

Once the images were uploaded onto the computer, he digitally added falling water and ice. The final product was produced as a gif file and then filmed for Facebook.

See the results below.

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