The Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools Kicks off 2014 Donation Campaign

The FoundationThe Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools has launched its annual donation appeal for the 2014-2015 school year. This year’s theme: “If you have a child, you have a reason.”

The money raised will pay for credentialed classroom teachers and counselors throughout the Las Virgenes Unified School District.

“The Foundation’s mission is to make sure that every child, at every school, has the teachers and counselors they need to be truly outstanding,” said Deanna Glassberg, foundation president. “Without teachers and counselors, our schools are little more than rooms and furniture.”

The campaign has taken a multi-pronged approach: appeal letters are being sent to members of the school district community; in addition, The Foundation has sent materials to each of the schools for students to take home.

In addition to weekly email blasts and all-calls from principals from each of the local schools, banners have been installed at all school sites.

“Give a little. Give a lot. Just give,” Glassberg said. “The Foundation is the only parent organization that can raise funds to hire credentialed classroom teachers and counselors.”

Substantial donations could mean more individualized attention, smaller classes and additional school counselors, said Glassberg.

Glassberg said she often gets questions from parents asking how the money is being spent and where it goes.

“The Foundation works collaboratively with district leaders, school principals and the Board of Education to come up with funding priorities,” she said. “We focus on trying to make an impact on all the students in the district. Funding is based on school site needs as well as enrollment.”

Currently, the salaries of five of the 23 district counselors are paid for by The Foundation, according to Rose Dunn, assistant superintendent of personnel.

“We do not write checks to the individual school sites,” said Glassberg.  “We make one grant to the district and we advocate for hiring more classroom teachers and guidance counselors at every school site. Parents will see the benefit of their donations in the additional staffing that their child’s school receives.”

Over the past two years, The Foundation has supported the district by raising over $500,000 in funding.

Superintendent Dr. Dan Stepenosky expressed his appreciation for the organization’s efforts.

“The reality is that in today’s budget environment, successful school districts must develop a culture of local, community giving to be able to continue to offer the educational opportunities our children deserve,” he said. “Our partnership with The Foundation helps ensure each and every one of our schools have the resources necessary for success.”

Donations, which can be put on credit cards as well as broken down into interest-free installments, can be made online at The or via the paperwork brought home by the students. 

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