Four Seasons Hotel to Offer Luxury Triathlon Training


Veteran professional swim coach Doug Green will lead the coaching team at the all-inclusive triathlon training camp at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake.

Imagine taking some time off for yourself. Throw in some triathlon training plus professional coaching amidst a luxurious urban setting.

That is exactly what the five-day Ultimate Performance Triathlon Training Camp is offering, from April 16 to 20. It is the first time Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake’s is hosting this type of camp.

Don’t be dissuaded if your training hasn’t exactly been on track or if an Ironman is not in your immediate horizon. “It’s for any fitness level, any age,” said Doug Green, a nationally-ranked swimmer and professional swim coach who came up with the idea of an all-inclusive triathlon camp. “It’s designed for athletes who are dedicated to improving.” Green has trained thousands of local triathletes to swim better.

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Camp participants can look forward to recovery tips and nutrition advice as well as spa treatments and gourmet meals.

The veteran coach has been toying with the camp idea for the past few years. It all finally came together when he recently crossed paths with other professional coaches, nationally-ranked triathletes and a Four Seasons hotel executive.

For five days and four nights, camp participants will go through comprehensive fitness testing and assessments at the California Health and Longevity Institute (CHLI), the Four Seasons’ on-site health and wellness center.

The coaching team which includes professional triathlete, lecturer and author Ian Murray, will provide video analysis of the swim, bike and run work-outs.

“We’ll identify which areas need help and then work on technique improvement,” said Green, who has been known to use sophisticated recording equipment with swimmers in his classes at California Lutheran University (CLU) and other local camps.


Video analysis during the camp will help triathletes improve their technique.

It’s not “all work and no play” though. Aside from the tests and work-outs, participants can look forward to daily massages and gourmet meals designed by the CHLI’s registered dietitians.

To complement the tri training sessions, yoga, stretching and weight lifting have also been included in the program. The CHLI staff  will also help stress the importance of recovery by providing sleep advice, nutrition information and spa treatments.

“It’s 16 hours a day of hard core triathlon training,” said Green. “But it’s well worth it if you want to ‘up’ your game.”

To reserve your spot or to get more information, please contact 805.630.3878 or [email protected]

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