Ghost Hunts and Local Hauntings

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-12-57-34-pmWho doesn’t love getting scared this time of year? After all, Halloween is only a few weeks away, and everyone’s decorating their homes to look spooky, picking out scary costumes and visiting haunted theme attractions.

But what about the real thing? Did you know that the Conejo Valley and its surrounding areas reportedly have haunted locales and ghost sightings?

Richard Senate is a renowned local ghost hunter, author and paranormal teacher. Throughout the month of October, his busiest time of year, he will be conducting haunted tours and holding classes for both kids and adults.

So what’s new in the world of the paranormal? “The ghost of singer Johnny Cash has been seen at the Zander Building in downtown Ventura,” said Senate. “Research proves he once had an office in the building when he lived in Casitas Springs.”

There are also reports of a new ghost lady seen at the old Olivas Adobe, where Senate often conducts tours.  At least nine people have seen “a woman in a fancy gray dress walking slowly up the stairs,” he said. “I saw her. Her hair was loose and she was thin and tall. Who is she? We do not know but in the next expedition, we will try to get her name.”

Senate has also received reports of a faceless woman seen at the offramp of Peck Road in Santa Paula. “She is just standing there looking at cars as they drive by,” he said.

Senate sent CV Happening a ghost story of his own, entitled “Ghost Dogs.” Enjoy!

Phantom hounds are seen all over Ventura County, from the black dog of Nordhoff Cemetery, to the El Roblar Hound of Meiner’s Oaks, to the spectral dog on the porch of the Olivas Adobe. Ghost dogs do exist. I know because I saw one and so did my family. At the time we were living in an older home built in the 1920s in Midtown, Ventura. It had hardwood floors and several times we heard the distinct sounds of a dogs toenails as it ran in the living room. The sounds came after we were living in the house for about a month. My young son first heard it but I thought it was only his youthful imagination at work. Then my wife heard it, too. A week later, I heard the odd sounds. I tried to rationalize it as settling of the house or perhaps an animal under the building, in the crawl space. Then I saw the thing! I had just taken a shower, I was alone at the time, and when I looked down the hallway towards the living room, I saw a large tan dog looking at me! It moved so I couldn’t see him. I ran down the hall dressed in only a towel and found nothing there! I checked the whole house and saw no animal. I even checked the doors. They were all locked. Not long afterwards, a young man knocked on the door. He said he had once rented the house. My wife asked if he owned a dog and he said he had. It was a golden retriever and, on the day he moved, it ran out the front door into the street and was struck and killed by a truck. After the young man’s visit the phantom dog was not seen or heard again. Perhaps the phantom animal had followed its master out of the house? Who can say?

Spooked yet? Want more? Senate has “Ghostly Tours” scheduled for Oct. 15, 22, 23 and 31st. For more information, call 805-658-4726.

Happy hunting! 

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