Girl Scouts Receive Top Honors in Thousand Oaks

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Pictured from left to right: Nate Harimoto (Club President), Esther Chang, Lia Kitahata. April Ball, Avery Moloian and Tammie Helmuth (Rotarian and Board Chair for GSCCC).

The Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks honored four Westlake Girl Scouts during their Annual Day of Giving ceremony held last Thursday, June 11.

The girls all achieved the Gold Award, the highest honor of Girl Scouts. “Less than four percent of all Girl Scouts complete this feat and this year the Gold Award turns 100 years old,” said Tammie Helmuth, president of the Board of Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast, and a Rotarian.

All of the participating girls attend Westlake High School.

The names of their individual projects are:

  • April Ball:  Gold Award Project Summary:  “ACT (Acting and Coping Together) Colina!”
  • Avery Moloian:  Gold Award Project Summary: “A Pet Finder Smart Technology
  • Esther Chang:  Gold Award Project Summary: “Happy Environment:  Creating a
    space for Youth with Autism”
  • Lia Kitahata:  Gold Award Project Summary: “From Classroom to Coop: How
    Chickens Help Save the Planet.”

In addition to presenting the awards, the club donated funds to The Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast. 

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