Goats Afoot in Agoura Hills


The goats will eat the weeds on 28 acres along Rolling Ridge Drive.

Morrison Ranch residents gathered along Rolling Ridge Drive in Agoura Hills throughout the day Friday to watch goats eat weeds, not a typical neighborhood happening.

The home owners association brought in the 300 farm animals from California Grazing, a holistic land management company based out of Coalinga, for weed abatement on 28 acres, according to Michael Choi, a representative from the company. “Goats are so much healthier for the soil,” said Choi. “They eat down the grass but not the roots and that allows for the roots to develop the soil.”

goat kids

Five neighborhood kids earned $13 in under an hour at the “goat spectacle.”

Resident Tracey Jeremiassen said she welcomes the hungry workers. “It’s so much better than having people spraying and weed wacking and noise polluting,” she said. “Plus it’s fun for the neighborhood.”

Taking advantage of the community spectacle, several local children set up a lemonade stand nearby and managed to rake in a profit of $13 in under an hour. “We came here for the goats and to make lots of money,” said Ella, one of the stand’s proprietors.

The goats are expected to remain in the area throughout the weekend, Choi said 

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