Haunted Conejo: Ghosts of the Ventura Mission Plaza

The Conejo Valley and its surrounding area is steeped in rich history that many say has left behind remnants of spiritual energy. Haunted Conejo is a new column that will feature some famous (and not-so-famous) hauntings of the region.

by Richard Senate

This video was made several years ago and highlights the several ghosts said to walk on the one block area of Mission Plaza (that includes the old Mission San Buenaventura in Ventura’s downtown). The focus ia on the story of the ghost woman called Rosa who haunts the old Carlo Hain House, now the popular saloon “The Tavern.” This ghost have been seen many times over the years—mostly in the ladies bathroom!

The video also recounts the stories of a haunted room at the Clock Tower and the woman in white who walks there in room 210. There is a Chinese merchant who is seen in China Alley wearing a pillbox hat in what was the Chinese community in Ventura long ago. The main focus is the many ghosts of the Old Mission herself where a phantom monk has been reported since 1880.

The Team called EVP (East Ventura Paranormal Research), under the guidance of Gene Dunn, helped in the investigation and came up with several unique findings—maybe contacting a penitent hooker named “Red” Molly on the steps of the old Mission church. Its a fun video and one that looks into the folklore of a section of Ventura. I will be offering other videos in the future to highlight haunted spots in Ventura County. My thanks to Robert Bartlett who shot and edited this video for Cable Six TV.

About Richard L. Senate
A long time resident of Ventura County, Senate grew up in the Conejo Valley, “Back in the day when their were a thousand oaks in Conejo.” His father worked at Jungleland Park and he attended Conejo School and Thousand Oaks High before he moved to Ventura. He has a degree in history from Long Beach State University and worked 22 years as historian for the city of Ventura. He is married to Debbie Lynn Christenson, and they have three children and five grandchildren. You can follow Senate on his Facebook page. He will next be conducting a talk and ghost hunting tour, “How to Hunt Ghosts” on June 27, 7-9 p.m. Meet at Bank of Books, 742 E. Main Street, Ventura, and bring a flashlight and camera.

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