Haunted Conejo: Where to Hunt Ghosts

by Richard Senate

(Excerpt taken from Senate’s upcoming book, ‘Spooktacular’)


Courtesy: “Spooktacular”

Something that is seen, heard, felt or detected that is really not there. People have been seeing them for many thousands of years with accounts in Ancient Egypt, Greece, China and Rome. They continue to be seen and experienced today! But their nature is still unknown and many doubt they even exist at all. But the sightings continue and what is reported today is much like the things that people tell of sightings thousands of years ago.

Most believe that a Ghost is the “spirit’ or “essence” of a once living person who is now dead. Others say they might be projections upon the environment placed there by people undergoing great stress. Some even believe they are visions from the past or future. Others hold firmly they are supernatural creatures, disguised as the dead to fool us. In truth, no one knows for sure.


  1. Olivas Adobe Historic Park, 4200 Olivas Park Drive. A mysterious Lady in a long black dress. A haunted porcelain headed Victorian doll. Old birdcage has a ghost bird! Also a ghost girl in a white nightdress as been seen and the cries of a phantom baby have been heard in the old kitchen.
  2. Mission San Buenaventura, 200 E. Main Street Ventura. A ghostly monk walks here in the church and courtyard. In the museum, look at the old mysterious wooden bells and paintings.
  3. Ventura City Hall, 501 Poli Sreet, VenturaFormerly the Ventura County Court House, a phantom judge and a ghost lady who might be the phantom of the murderess. Elizabeth “Ma” Duncan haunts the building. Be sure to look at the stained glass domes in council chamber.
  4. Ortega Adobe, 215 W. Main Street. Ghostly man seen here  in the small adobe home—once the birthplace of Ortega Chili. Look for the window in the bedroom–a face is seen looking in! Voices are heard here.
  5. Bella Magorrie Inn, 61 California St. A ghost lady named Sylvia haunts room 17 and the lobby. She manifests as the smell of strong  cheap rose perfume.

  6. Creek Road: From Oakview to Ojai, 12 ghosts haunt this lane. The Bridge at Camp Comfort has several ghosts. Figure of a burned man called Char-Man is most seen as well as

     a headless horseman and a phantom bride in a tattered dress who is seen at night along with two ghost children in old cloths.

  7. Heritage Square, A Street and 2nd Oxnard. Several ghosts haunt the restored homes. Best to look for a ghost man in  the old church and  “Uncle Eddy” in the ornate Justin Petit House and the ghost woman in the Perkins House.
  8. Stagecoach Inn,   51 Ventu Park Rd.,  Newbury Park. Rumors say Pierre, a Basque sheepman, is the haunting ghost. Look into his room on the second floor where he was shot long ago. Today its a museum.
  9. Reyes Adobe, Reyes Adobe Road, Agoura Hills. A ghost bandit and a woman  are  rumored to haunt here. She is  said to have killed the outlaw.  The  kitchen hold much energy.  Look in the side bedroom and feel for the  a cold spot. It is  now a museum.
  10. Channel Islands State University, Camarillo. A woman haunts the second  floor bathroom of the tower building and the library—many ghosts here! One dances in the parking lot!

Happy ghost hunting! 

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