Pet Spotlight: Get Playful With Riley!

by Helen Hartel

riley4846934Riley was recently adopted and once lived happily with a family. Unfortunately, the family dynamic changed and Riley had to be returned to the shelter through no fault of his own. At year-and-a-half, he is like a big puppy, all tail wags and eager to please people.

Here are some things you should know about Riley:

  • He loves affection and attention.
  • When a person walks up to his kennel, he will lean his entire body into the kennel door so that they can reach in and pet him.
  • He is a sweet, young boy who is high energy.
  • He loves toys to chomp on, especially the fluffy ones, and carry them around.
  • He enjoys a good game of fetch.
  • He is very smart and already knows how to sit on command.
  • He seems to be good with children.
  • He is house trained.
  • He should be the only pet in the home.

Because Riley is still a puppy, he needs more training. He is eager for attention and will learn anything you teach him, especially if you use treats. He is sure to show you the love and loyalty the pittie breeds are known for! As a matter of fact, if you’ll pet him for a while he will sit with you for hours.

Enjoy going for walks or hiking? Riley is for you. Love to play fetch with a dog? Riley is for you. Like to have a companion dog by your side? Riley is the one for you. Ask to meet him today and have a blast for the rest of your lives together.

To adopt Riley, request A4846934.The Agoura Shelter is at 29525 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills. Occasionally, pets have already been adopted. To check availability, call 818-991-0071 or visit

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