Popular ‘Jen’s List’ to Expand Throughout Southern California

Jennifer and Mike Levinson

Jennifer and Mike Levinson

Since it was first emailed as shared information to a few girlfriends back in 2005, Jennifer Levinson’s Jen’s List has grown to 18,000+ subscribers and is one of the most talked about digital newsletters in Los Angeles. “I never in my wildest dreams thought [it] would have resulted in what ‘Jen’s List’ is today; however, I would not change it for anything,” said Levinson. “Without sounding corny, I am truly blessed.” It all began when she was forced into complete bed rest while pregnant with her twins. “I hated to sleep. It made me depressed, so I would read endlessly–magazines, newspapers–and clip out great ideas, events and activities to email to my friends,” said the Calabasas resident. “Even though I couldn’t do much, I thought they’d enjoy it.” She started out with an email list of five friends. They loved what she sent them and forwarded it to their friends. Five friends turned into ten friends and the list grew exponentially. Jen’s List is a free newsletter, composed by Levinson, that is emailed to subscribers daily. What’s on it? In a word…everything. You’ll find family events and activities, the latest kid’s and women’s gear and clothing, noteworthy blogs, job opportunities and more. Some newsletters may contain as many as 30 different topics.

Jennifer Levinson with husband, Mike, and their five boys.

Jennifer Levinson with husband, Mike, and their five boys.

Levinson, married to fitness expert and Conejo Valley Happening columnist Mike Levinson, has five children ranging in age from six to 11, said gets a lot of information from readers, but she still does most of the research herself.  She works several hours per day on each digest, mostly in the evening, and credits a supportive and patient family for her success. 

The site has become monetized and continues to accept advertising revenue for top spots on the list. However, Jen’s List is about to expand in style, content and coverage.

“I told Jen that it’s time we go to the next level,” said Mike. “Our goal is to reach 50,000 subscribers.”

In addition to adding a brand new Facebook page, Mike is remodeling the website to include family-oriented articles by freelance writers and new clickable regions. 

“We hope to reach readers from Santa Clarita to the South Bay and eventually beyond,” he said. “The hope is when people get to our site, they can click onto their communities for the latest events.”

Subscribers can expect the change to occur over the next few weeks, Mike said.

“Ultimately, we hope to franchise across the country,” he said.

In the meantime, Jen continues to be a local celebrity. In addition to being on the board of The Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools, she is a contributor to the online Revere magazine and is often interviewed by the media as an expert on all things mom and family-related.

“Sometimes I’ll attend one of the events I publicize, and people will come up to me and tell me they love Jen’s List,” she said. “It makes me feel good to know that I am affecting people in a positive way.”

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  1. Michelle L
    Michelle L March 4, 2014 at 1:12 pm |

    I used to really like Jens List when it had more content. Now it is just a LOT of advertising. I don’t need any more advertising in more life, so I stopped subscribing. Too much marketing of events and products. It’s just all too much.


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