Video: Oak Park, Conejo Valley in the Movies

This is an oldie but goodie, published on Youtube in 2012.

It’s a compilation of 70 years of filming in the area of Oak Park and surrounding area. The films include: Of Mice and Men, A Walk in the Sun, The Red Pony, The Man from the Alamo, Texas Across the River, Firecreek, Little Big Man, The Thing with Two Heads, Nickelodeon, Back to the Future III, 3 Ninjas, Role Models, Faster, and Just Go with It.

It was researched by Harry Medved, co-author of the book, entitled Images of America: Oak Parkwhich contains an entire section on this picturesque Ventura County neighborhood’s cinematic heritage.

See if you can recognize some of the areas today. Enjoy!

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