Pet Spotlight: Lilo is the Cure for the Wintertime Blues

by Helen Hartel

LiloA4564222Lilo is a 5-year-old female Pit Bull mix. For most of her life she had a nice home until she was brought to the shelter. It seems her owner turned her in because she lived in a small condo and worked a lot. The owner felt that she didn’t have enough time and attention to care for Lilo.

While we know she did the right thing, the shelter staff and volunteers are hoping that someone will come to visit and quickly adopt Lilo, making her an integrated part of a forever family. Could that be with you?

Here are some things you should know about Lilo:

  • She is housebroken.
  • She is good with big and small dogs.
  • She has a history of being well behaved with children.
  • She is good in the car and seems to love a good joyride.
  • She has a very cute personality and loves being with people.
  • She seems to have no destructive behaviors.
  • She may be lean, but is a muscular, strong girl and tends to pull while on leash because she likes to enthusiastically explore places. The volunteers are working on this behavior, but it takes a strong person to keep her by their side.

She has some pinkness around her face and paws that seems to be related to an allergy. The staff is feeding her special food to see if this lessens; however, this hasn’t altered Lillo’s wonderful disposition at all.

A beautiful “Pittie” like Lilo is sure to make the most loyal and loving companion this winter and always! Ask to meet her now and get rid of the winter blues together by enjoying a lifetime of love and happiness.

To adopt Lilo, request A44222456. The Agoura Shelter is at 29525 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills. Occasionally pets have already been adopted. To check availability, call 818-991-0071 or visit



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