Pet Spotlight: Gus, a Dog Who Stops to Smell The Roses

By Bill Harris


If you’re interested in Gus, ask for ID# 4681896.

Gus is a two-year old Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix who has been at the Agoura Shelter since April. He’s become one of our favorite dogs, and we’d love to find him a forever home.

Gus originally came to the shelter as a stray and was quickly adopted, but was returned in less than a week because he had trouble settling into the household and didn’t like the family’s other dog. Dogs are like people; we don’t get along with every person we meet and they don’t necessarily get along with every dog they meet. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good dogs; it just means they don’t like every dog they meet.

When he came back to the shelter, Gus did great. He had “play dates” with other dogs, met dozens of volunteers, played in the yards, went for walks around the shelter and chilled out in our “Real Room” – an air-conditioned room that has been set up to resemble the family room in your home.

He is inquisitive, enjoys walks (stops to smell the flowers as you can see in the picture), has plenty of energy, is good in the car and is already neutered. Gus is so ready to find a forever home and would be perfect for a house, condo or apartment.

He’s getting a bit anxious since he’s been with us for so long and a few weeks back started licking his paws, sort of the dogs’ version of our biting our nails or not sleeping well. We tried one of those Elizabethan Collars (white plastic cones around the neck) to stop the problem, but it made him miserable. So, one of the wonderful shelter volunteers brought him to their home to foster him for a few days to give him a respite from shelter life. The licking stopped, they found him to be housebroken, easy going, and fun to have with them. Gus even got along well with the Yorkie they have as well as the whole family.

Now that he’s back with us at the shelter, we want to find him a wonderful, caring home so he never has to be anxious again.

If you think that Gus (ID# 4681896) would be a great member of your family, please come meet him at the Agoura Animal Care Center, 29525 Agoura Road, Agoura, CA 91301, between Kanan and Reyes Adobe. Call 818-483-4228 with any questions and to confirm Gus’ availability.

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