Pet Spotlight: Terrific Tazzie Needs a Special Home

by Helen Hartel


To arrange a meet and greet with Tazzie, call 818-483-4228.

Tazzie, 11 years old, is looking for a forever family. She came to the shelter because her family moved back to Australia. They said she was kept as an indoor cat and is good with children and other cats.

Diagnosed with herpes and currently healthy, Tazzie has many more years of love to give. The staff at Malibu Coast Animal Hospital, where she is boarding, just love this sweet, outgoing and housebroken feline.

Dr. Dana Graulich, of Healthcare for Homeless Animals, describes her as a “fantastic, very social cat.” Tazzie is funded by HHA  due to her herpes condition but remains an Agoura Animal Shelter pet.

Here are some things you should know about Tazzie:

  • tazzieluis

    Luis Zamora, a Vet Tech at Malibu Coast Animal Hospital, snuggles with Tazzie.

    She is very social.

  • She is very calm.
  • She is good with people of all ages.
  • She will do well with another cat that is diagnosed with herpes.
  • She is litter box trained.

Once infected with herpes, the majority of cats do not get rid of the virus. However, symptoms, if they arise, can be treated. Veterinarians may prescribe oral antibiotics or antiviral medications to help ease symptoms, and drops or creams may be used for conjunctivitis or other eye irritations. With medication, good nutrition and tender loving care, most cats will make a successful recovery if symptoms appear and can live a good quality of life. Since the herpes virus reactivates with stress, a low or no-stress environment is helpful in reducing flare-ups. This virus is not contagious to humans.

Tazzie would love to join a family as their one and only new best fur-baby or with another cat that has the same diagnosis. To arrange a meet and greet, call 818-483-4228. 

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