Photo Gallery: ‘The Fairly OddParents’ Meet Conejo Valley Fans

Fans of The Fairly OddParents, Nickelodeon’s long-running Emmy-Award winning series, got a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the making of a hit animated show. The 300+ people who attended the a two hour fundraiser for the Theater Arts Boosters Saturday at Agoura High’s Performing Arts Education Center (PAEC) were treated to a couple of completed episodes, two table reads with cast members and a Q&A session. 

In attendance were show creator Butch Hartman, also the emcee; Ray De Laurentis, head writer; Tara Strong (Timmy Turner); Susanne Blakeslee (Wanda, Mom); Daran Norris (Cosmo, Dad); Grey Griffen (Vicki); Carlos Alazraqui (Mr. Crocker); Rob Paulson (Mark Chang); and Matthew W. Taylor (Sparky).

“This is the culmination of all the fun stuff we’ve done over the past 13 years,” said De Laurentis, who oversees 26 scripts per season. “The show is still super popular.”

The cast participated in a similar read-through at a Comic-Con convention, and Strong said she loves the opportunity to meet and interact with the fans. “Many of my predecessors did not know how much they were loved before social media. Nowadays we get instant feedback,” she said.

Blakeslee feels that the show has remained popular because of the strong, relatable writing. “Parents often watch the show along with their kids and can also appreciate the humor,” she said. “It’s stood the test of time, and we now have a whole new generation of fans.”

Paulson, a longtime Agoura Hills resident, said he would have loved to have met the voices behind some of his favorite cartoon characters. “If I had the opportunity to watch people like Mel Blanc or Paul Frees, June Foray work, it would have been an amazing experience,” he said.

Fans of all ages turned out to meet the stars. Yale Coopersmith, 11, brought her family from Oak Park to the event. “I love the show,” she said enthusiastically. “I can relate to Timmy in so many situations.”

Following the onstage show, audience members waited online in the lobby to meet the actors and get autographs. “It was fantasic watching everyone do the voices,” said Kelby, a college student from Newbury Park who hopes to become a video game designer. “I have a particular interest in all that stuff.”

Enjoy the highlights of the event in our photo gallery below.



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