Real Estate Tips: How to Upgrade Your Kitchen, Pt. 2

by Kandy Klee, SFR, BPOR

As we discussed in our previous article, kitchen remodels can give you the biggest “bang for your buck.” And since it’s the room we spend so much of our time in, having your personality reflected in the kitchen is very rewarding. While it may be wise to stick to more widely appealing big ticket items such as cabinets, adding a touch of your style through your faucets and sink is fun.

Faucets come in a variety of finishes and styles. The separate sprayer attachment has gone by the wayside and been replaced by the pull down sprayer. Having been through hundreds of home inspections, I’ve seen water damage from the leaky hoses from the sprayers. It is worth the investment to buy a trusted, high quality brand.

pull down faucet

Having a tall sprayer in the laundry room is handy for a busy family….washing tennis shoes….and the dog.

Your kitchen sink is another way to show your personality. Farmhouse, modern, under mount, top mount, traditional, so many choices!

The under-mount sink is a traditional choice. The under-mount term means the sink is mounted from under the countertop instead of placed on to the counter from above. The benefit is that there isn’t a rim to scrub; it is more of a seamless edge.

undermount sinkPolar opposite of the under-mount is the sink that sits completely on top of the counter. These are fun to use for vegetable sinks or in a half bath. We’ve seen homeowners use a wide variety of vessels for the bowl. It could be a tag sale find or a pot bought on a special trip. When it comes time to sell, these can be removed by a plumber and replaced with a more traditional sink. So don’t be shy, show your personality and enjoy your home!

When it comes time to list, ask your realtor if your sink needs to be switched out to a more widely appealing one. This sink has the plumbing mounted on the back wall which can be more expensive, so be sure to show your photo to your plumber for an estimate first.

top mounted sinkFarmhouse sinks are sinks where the cabinetry is cut out to expose the front of the sink. If you wash dishes and need to fill up your sink often, check the split bowl styles. Farmhouse sinks are large and the single bowl style will require a large amount of water to fill.

If you are dreaming or remodeling or already in the planning stages, visit open houses this weekend and snap photos of sinks and faucets you love. Visit for a list of open houses in your area. A Realtor can set up an e-alert search of homes with updated kitchens so you can get them right to your email!

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