Seniors Get ‘Happy’ in Viral Video

The community of a senior living residence in Agoura Hills are “Happy,” and they want everyone to know it. A video produced on the premises of Meadowbrook Senior Living features the residents and staff performing their own version of Pharrell Williams’ hit song.

“The response has been unbelievable,” said Lloyd Hartley, Meadowbrook’s community marketing director. So popular, in fact, that it was featured on CBS Morning News Friday as the “video of the week,” he said.

The idea came about when Hartley and his partner, Lauria Gallagher, were brainstorming ideas on how to promote the locale. The residence, formerly known as Agoura Hills Senior Retreat, recently celebrated a grand re-opening. “Everyone always complements us on how nice and friendly our staff is and how active our residents are,” he said. “Turns out Laura’s husband is in the business, arranged for a video team, and the entire shoot took one day. Everyone loved being a part of it.”

Ellen Fenton, 82, is featured in the video wearing a pink sweater sitting in a chair with her pink walker. “Making the video was a lot of fun, and I felt great being able to express myself,” she said.

Mitzi Geist, 86, seen dancing in her green sweater, said she loved being in the production.“Made me feel special to be a part of this lively community,” she said.

So successful is the campaign, that the staff is already working on their next project–a calendar featuring the residents posing in famous movie scenes.

“Everyone takes such pride in this place, from the residents to the staff,” Hartley said. “You can see chests swell with pride when we talk about our accomplishments.”


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