‘Sexiest’ Vet Cares for Conejo’s Creatures Great and Small

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Antin shows off the teeth and jaw of a 10 foot, 300+ pound American alligator. The photo was taken in southern Florida. Courtesy: Evan Antin

When Dr. Evan Antin agreed to be included in People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue, he knew he was in for some ribbing. Profiled in the issue’s “Sexy Men at Work” section, the Conejo Valley Animal Hospital veterinarian is tagged “Sexiest Beast Charmer,” a title that thrilled his parents and fiancé but got him “a lot of slack” from co-workers. “Oh, yeah. I was recently at [the hospital’s] holiday party, and people were coming up to me joking ‘Oh, sexy guy,’ stuff like that.”

Antin, 30, is not new to media attention. An exotic animal specialist, he was interviewed about the escaped albino cobra incident that took place earlier this year in Thousand Oaks and was a guest on the Kris Jenner Show. He also travels the world making educational videos for his YouTube channel–”Evan Antin Wild Vet”  (see video below)–about the exotic creatures he encounters.

PG's cappuchins II_boquete, panama

Antin visits with some Cappucins in Panama.

A native of Kansas City, Kansas, Antin said he’s been hooked on animals for as long as he can remember. “As a kid, I was always looking under rocks for insects, snakes and turtles,” he said. “… I grew up watching [conservationists] Jeff Corwin and Steve Irwin on TV and thought what they did was pretty cool.”

He went on to study evolutionary and ecological biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder and spent several months abroad in Australia and Tanzania to learn more about their respective ecosystems and fauna. Antin received his undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Colorado and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University. He’s been practicing at the Conejo facility for the past year-and-a-half.

“It is very rare for a person to possess a passion for wild animals, be on camera and still have a high level of compassion, knowledge, skill and the client service required to be a veterinarian at CVVH. He is the real deal!” said Todd Hughes, DVM and owner of veterinary hospital.

In addition to his love for cats and dogs, Antin said his true passion lies in exotic animal medicine. “I have a particular penchant for venomous snakes,” he said. In the video below, watch as Antin receives an unexpected surprise while capturing and discussing the nature of the cobra.

Antin has traveled to such exotic locales as Central America, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, South America, Eastern and Southern Africa and South East Asia to get up-close-and-personal with native wildlife. Of a recent trip to Guatemala he said, “I got to volunteer at a wildlife rehab center.”

asiatic elephant_ ENP, thailand

Antin makes friends with an Asiatic elephant in Thailand.

As a lover of reptiles, Antin has some strong sentiments regarding the recent Animal Planet broadcast of a naturalist attempting to be swallowed by an anaconda. “It was inappropriate, unreasonable and unethical,” he said. “The mouth of an anaconda can not fit around the shoulder girdle of a human being … and [the subsequent] regurgitation is pretty stressful for the snake. I can just as easily scope the inside of a snake and you will get the same information.”

Back home, Antin’s patients include cats, dogs and other small domestic as well as wild animals. He also sees animals from local zoos. Currently, he resides just outside of Thousand Oaks, with his dog, Henry, his cat, Willy, his savannah monitor lizard, Matilda, and an assortment of tropical fish.

And starting in January, Antin will be a regular columnist for Conejo Valley Happening, offering written and video tips for animal lovers and owners. Stay tuned.

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