Son of Las Virgenes Unified Teacher in Serious Accident, Needs Community’s Help


Pretelin is seen here with girlfriend, Rachael Caine.

Marco Pretelin, the son of Gretchen Pretelin-Granda, a 16-year teacher in the Las Virgenes Unified School District, recently suffered brain injuries in a bicycling accident and needs financial support to aid in his recovery.

On April 5th, the 21-year-old was riding down hill from Moorpark College, where he attended, when the front wheel of his bike came off. He fell and landed on his face and head. He was not wearing a helmet.
In a note that went out to Pretelin-Granda’s past and present student families, parent Dawn Eason wrote:
​He was rushed to Los Robles where he was put in an induced coma for 5 days. He suffered a contusion to his left temporal lobe, slight bleeding in his brain, several lacerations on his face, a fractured neck, and several broken teeth. He remained in the hospital for 20 days. ​The hospital’s recommendation was to send Marco to a rehabilitation center, but considering that he does not have insurance, they sent him home.

Pretelin’s girlfriend, Rachael Caine, started a fundraising drive on to raise $10,000. So far, they have reached almost $2000.

“Circumstances will prevent Marco from returning to work for at least 2-3 months. During these trying times, Marco needs all of the help and support he can get from the wonderful people who care about him and his well being,” Caine wrote on the website.

Pretelin-Granda said that her son hopes to be an architect and has been working in construction and at a Starbucks to make ends meet.

“He’s been trying to work on his AA at Moorpark College and working at the same time,” Granda said. “He was returning home from training for a new security guard job that he was really excited about when he had his accident.”
Pretelin-Granda wants there to put forth a message about how fortunate Marco has been, “… in hopes of making a full recovery, verses many others who have had  bike accidents and ended up either not making it or with a life debilitating injury,” she said. “Please parents, encourage your kids to always wear a strapped helmet.”
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