This Week in Astrology With Nick Newmont: Nov. 17-23, Uranus Retrograde Revisited

by Nick Newmont

nickandaudprofessional-001Ninety percent of we astrologers saw Hillary Clinton being elected due to the current “popularity” in her chart because of all of the planets in her tenth house. And it is true that she won the popular vote but was not elected president.

With Uranus retrograde, one thing that is predictable is unexpected things happen. Uranus rules revolution, it is the ruling planet of the current Age of Aquarius. Until December 28th, many changes will occur. Allow things to settle in before over reacting. What things look like now, most likely will look differently come the end of December.

A new structure beyond what we see is being built. The 240-year-old machinery is broken and needs an upgrade.

Hang in there.

Peace Conejo Valley, and thank you for reading.

Nick Newmont, a licensed hypnotherapist and astrologer, runs The Newmont Center for Balanced Living in Agoura Hills. For more information, go to 

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