Top 5 Things To Do With Your Kids This Holiday Weekend

by Laura Nickerson

flagThe 4th of July is finally here, and you can happily pull out your flag decorated attire, pop a cold beverage and relax. That is, for the five minutes your kids can sit still while you are having that beautiful moment. After that, you might need some plans. So, here are some fun activities that won’t break your budget for family fun:

1) You know you want to party like the Kardashians/Spears/Cibrians on the 4th of July. Lucky for you, their home town of Calabasas has a whole day of fun coming at ya: The Lakeside Fun Run, a Pet Show, the Splash Party at the Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center, and Fireworks at the Calabasas High School. Visit to sign up for the Fun Run, and you can head over to the Calabasas City Hall, De Anza Park, or the Calabasas Tennis and Swim center to get tickets for the rest of the events. Info is at It’s low cost but you MUST get your tickets in advance, so throw the device you are reading this on out the window and run out and get them! May the 4th be with you.

2) Bugs are a bummer if you are a grown-up, but if you are a kid they are THE BEST THING EVER. On Saturday, July 5th, from 9 am to 12 noon you can take your 5-12 year olds by your local Home Depot for a free build of a Bug House. They will be instructed on the build, provided with the supplies, taught tool safety, and on top of all of that they get to keep their creation. Visit to register and make sure there’s enough for everyone. Best part? IT’S FREE!! But the same can’t be said for what YOU might buy at the store while you are there. So if you want to keep it cheap, look down at the floor and don’t wander the aisles. Breathe, you can do this.

3) If you haven’t gotten a chance to take your kids to visit the art at the Getty Villa, there’s a great chance to give them their first experience at the museum this Saturday July 5th at 11:45 a.m. The Getty Villa Art Walk takes kids five and up on a 30 minute tour through the galleries. You need to visit to get free timed tickets to the museum beforehand and be prepared to pay $15 for parking, but that’s all worth it to be able to brag about your culture-filled weekend at the next playdate.

4) If your kids act like animals sometimes, this is the show for you. I mean that it a good way…it’s The Party Animals!!! Sunday, July 6th, at the Levitt Pavilion at MacArthur Park and Wednesday the 9th at the Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena, check out this super fun rock and roll show for kids. Their website has the details. It’s free AND I can guarantee you that your kids be totally obsessed with the fun rock music. The songs will stick in your head, but in a good way (for once)!

5) A fun and challenging at home game for you and your kids is to try the almost impossible “Silent Walk.”Everyone has to promise that they won’t make any noise after you walk out the front door. While you are out, observe the sights and sounds around you. When you come back, have the children write or draw what they saw, heard and felt. Let us think about what you have tricked your kids into doing with that one… 1) they get some exercise 2) they go outside 3) they are quiet. If you can make that happen, you can also get the glow inside from being the most impressive parent ever.

You can always get more LA Kids Activities by following me on Twitter @nickerberger and checking out the hashtag #buzzLA. Also check out my show “The Buzz” at or on Channel 3 in the West Valley. I’ll be back next week with more fun family activities! 

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