The Travel Muse: 7 Easy Ways To Save Money For Travel

by Nathalie Basha

Whenever I tell people that I transitioned from reporting to travel hosting/filmmaking/v-logging…or whatever one calls all this…the first question is ALWAYS, “How do you afford that?!” The truth is, I have cut out the extras in my life, so I can save enough money, and here I list them all out for you. No, I do not have a trust fund I live off of (but honestly….I wish I did!!! MAN, that would be nice) I’m just smart about what I do with my money. It’s something that all travelers have learned to do, and something anyone else can do, too. All about discipline, my friends.



Sonias Travels – she breaks down the numbers in a budget…

Hey Nadine and Nomadic Matt – get into the nitty gritty of saving money planning a trip and when you’re ON the trip…

(All videos filmed, written, narrated and edited by yours truly)

Nathalie Basha, a Thousand Oaks resident, loves to travel all over the world and will take us on an adventures every “Travel Tuesday.” 

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