The Travel Muse: Cook Like A World Traveler || How To Make Perfect Eggs – Turkish Menemen

by Nathalie Basha

How to make perfect eggs! Aka, Turkish scrambled eggs, aka Menemen. Do as the Turkish do, and make this for breakfast! Menemen, besides the standard Turkish breakfast, is among the most popular breakfasts in Turkey. I ate this one morning in Istanbul! I’m kind of ruined to dry, plain, Denny’s-style scrambled eggs now…so, fair warning.

Here’s how to make Menemen at home!

4 – 5 eggs
1/2 medium size onion
1 red pepper
1 chili
2 tomatoes
salt and pepper, to taste
cilantro, to garnish

Super simple. Start by chopping the onion and red pepper. Both should be finely chopped and equal in size. Then, chop the chili. If you like spicy, retain the seeds, but if you’re like me and you die eating spicy foods, remove the seeds by popping out the center. (Don’t touch your face, even after you wash your hands….trust me).

Grate the two tomatoes, using the thick grate. Set that aside for now.

Put a pan on the stove on medium high heat, and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Saute the onions, pepper, and chili together in the pan. Give it about five minutes, until you see the onions beginning to turn translucent. Add the grated tomatoes. Cook all this together until the tomatoes have lost most of their liquid, and looks almost like tomato paste.

Add the four (or five) eggs, and immediately begin mixing. Make sure the pan is not too hot, and keep mixing constantly. When the eggs look like they’re aaaalmost done, take the pan off the heat, but keep mixing! Give it another 30 seconds in the hot pan. Once the eggs turn opaque, they’re done!

Garnish with some chopped cilantro. You can serve this with a side of simit (Turkish sesame bread) and some thick greek yogurt – classic!

Nathalie Basha, a Thousand Oaks resident, loves to travel all over the world and will take us on an adventures every “Travel Tuesday.” 

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