The Travel Muse: Travel Tips || How To Make Anywhere Feel Like Paris

by Nathalie Basha

I know it’s probably not the most original statement, but Paris really is something special. And even though I WANT to go to Paris, pretty much all the time, I can’t. So, I decided to recreate one of my favorite days in Paris, but here in LA. This is quite literally exactly what I did in Paris – rode bikes, ate macarons and lounged in a park, and it was perfection. Anyone can do the same thing and make it FEEL like Paris. The scenery isn’t the same, but hey…you’ve got an imagination, right?

In LA and want to do the same exact thing?

PAULETTE (hands down, the most delicious macarons outside of Paris, well worth a trip just because. You’ll die.)

ROXBURY PARK (and those are Jacaranda trees!)…

SONG: Edith Piaf – La Vie En Rose
(it’s all over youtube)

(All videos filmed, written, narrated, and edited by yours truly)

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