What’s on TV?: Gritty New Series ‘Outsiders’ Premieres Tuesday Night on WGN America

by Sandi Berg

David Morse in “The Outsiders.” Courtesy: WGN America

A good ensemble cast is what helps make this new series Outsiders a stand out. Created and written by award-winning playwright Peter Mattei, it stars David Morse (Treme), Thomas M. Wright (The Bridge) and Phyllis Somerville (The Big C).  This one is well worth tuning in Tuesday at 9 p.m. (check local listings for WGN America).

Synopsis:  A struggle of power and control set in the rugged hills of the Appalachia, Outsiders explores an epic battle as the Farrell Clan, a tight-knit family of renegades who have lived atop the rugged Shay Mountain for over two hundred years, fight to defend their land and their way of life from the town below and anyone who would dare to challenge them.

Sandi Berg is also a freelance journalist and writes about television for several magazines including Written By (Writer’s Guild of America), Life After 50 and Whole Life Times Magazine.   

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