What’s On TV?: Pop Singer Debbie Gibson Stars In A New Original Movie ‘The Music In Me’

by Sandi Berg

MusicInMeRemember pop icon Debbie Gibson? Well tune in this Sunday at 6 p.m. for her new uplifting movie, The Music In Me. Recording artist/Broadway star Debbie Gibson (Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark, 3 Billion and Counting) and actress/singer Gloria Reuben (Lincoln, E.R.) will both sing and perform with the choir in the film. Gibson has written and performs the film’s original song, “Promises.”

Having traded in her dreams of becoming a professional singer to care for her aging parents and their neighborhood hardware store, Jessica (Debbie Gibson) is asked to step in as choir director for a failing church as they prepare for their the big centennial celebration. When she arrives, Jessica is shocked to discover that the earnest choir can’t sing and that the wary Church Deaconess (Gloria Reuben) is betting on her to fail.

As she dives into rehearsals, Jessica builds a friendship with church handyman Ben (Antonio Cupo) and is challenged by choir member and teen runaway Alice (Amy Forsyth). Through their friendship and her work with the choir, she rekindles her love of music and finally finishes the song she’s been struggling with for many years – ultimately finding love and a start to the music career she’s always dreamed of pursuing.

Sandi Berg is also a freelance journalist and writes about television for several magazines including Written By (Writer’s Guild of America), Life After 50 and Whole Life Times Magazine.  

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