For Twin Sisters, Growing Up on ‘Days of Our Lives’ is No Daytime Drama

Campbell and Carolyn Rose take a gelato break at Tifa Chocolate in Agoura Hills.

Campbell and Carolyn Rose take a gelato break at Tifa Chocolate in Agoura Hills.

On most days, 9-year-old twin sisters Campbell and Carolyn Rose head to their respective third grade classes where their days are pretty typical. They live on a quiet street in Agoura Hills with their parents and older brother.

However, Campbell and Carolyn lead anything but typical lives. Since the age of four, the girls have taken turns playing Allie Horton on the hit NBC daytime series Days of Our Lives.

“It’ll be five years in November,” said their mom, Kandi Klee, a local real estate agent, who signed the girls up with their first agent, Mireille Wilson, when they were three-and-a-half. “They were always very theatrical as toddlers.”

At the age of five, the sisters signed with the Ford Modeling Agency where they did print work.

They won the coveted role of Allie Horton, daughter of Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), after two other little girls ended up not working out, according to Klee.

Initially the family commuted to the L.A.-based set from their home in Kentucky but ended up moving to California after several crew members recommended the Conejo Valley.

“We worked with baby assistants who are from Agoura, and they told us that we had to check out the area,” Klee said. “At first, we thought it would be too far from set, but we found out there were great schools and a low crime rate, so we made the move. We love it here.”

On average, the girls work about four days per month. “Sometimes it’s more; sometimes they won’t work for several weeks,” Klee said.

Under child labor laws, they are only permitted to work eight hours per day, and sometimes, one sister will be called in for a morning shoot, while the other will come in for the afternoon.

“Once they shot a scene with one girl from the right side for two hours and then shot the other from the left side for two hours,” said Klee.

Campbell is considered the more dramatic of the two. “I’m a little bit better at crying and the real dramatic stuff,” she said.

“I’m a little bit more easy going,” said Carolyn.

The character of Allie will be an integral part of an upcoming storyline. Though they are not permitted to divulge the actual storyline, Carolyn and Campbell recall a particularly tough shoot.

“We just had a really long day and then we had to come back the next day,” said Carolyn. “It was pretty intense.”

When asked whether or not it is difficult to cry on cue, Campbell said she draws from her imagination. “I just think about what if I were in the same situation that Allie is in,” she said. “Or maybe I’ll think about my missing cat.”

One scene both girls recall as particularly memorable is one in which E.J. (James Scott) knocks out Sami with chloroform.

“I catch him putting something over my mom’s face to make her faint, and I have to scream,” said Carolyn.

Working with such high profile daytime stars as Sweeney, Datillo, Scott and Galen Gering (Rafe) might be intimidating to some, but the girls feel right at home with their co-stars.

“Working with [Sweeney] is fun because she’s really funny and outgoing,” Campbell said.

“[Datillo] is so funny,” said Carolyn. “One time he promised he’d bring us purple broccoli.”

In 2013, the girls were nominated for a Young Artist Award. Though they lost to Brooklyn Rae Silzer from General Hospital, they found the experience to be rewarding.

“I wore a beautiful, poofy dress,” said Carolyn of the award show.

“And we got really nice plaques,” said Campbell.

When not on set, the girls’ lives are focused on schoolwork, friends and the track team they love.

Watch for Allie’s next adventure in Salem in early April. 

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