This Week in Astrology With Nick Newmont: June 30-July 6, Happy Birthday USA


Nick Newmont

by Nick Newmont

The Fourth of July represents everything Americana; picnics, food, games and fireworks. Red, white and blue is flying everywhere. The country has a birthday. The USA has an astrology chart. There is a thematic chart that is done at anyone’s birthday in addition to the transits and progressions called the Solar Return Chart. The Solar return is the most powerful moment of the year for a person or entity.

Both the USA’s transits and solar return have an overlapping theme; Saturn on the ascendant. Both the natal chart and the solar chart are Sagittarius rising, which means Jupiter ruled- growth, expansion and abundance. Before we define Saturn on the ascendant, let’s take a look back at the original chart. Since the land of liberty is born in July, our nation is a Cancer, that is why we mother the world. Cancer takes care of people, everybody is their children.

However the crux of this year’s chart is the Saturn rising. When Saturn sits on the cusp of the first house, it is referred to as an environmental rebirth. In the chart of a person, when Saturn is rising it indicates a change in how we interact with the world around us. At a time like this people move, they change jobs, they make changes in their everyday life.

With the presidential election just a few months away, the changes we will see in this country, even before the election, will be obvious especially in the role we play in world politics. Because Saturn is sitting on the Sagittarius ascendant, in the year ahead we will see a lot of one step back, two steps forward. After the presidential inauguration, the country will become more introspective on the whole. What I mean is we as a nation, the government and the people will be looking at how do we take better care of ourselves?

The Cancer nation we are will still be maternal and caring, but we will be much more discerning.

Happy Fourth of July!

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