A Festival That’s Out Of This World

Space enthusiasts of all ages converged upon Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills Saturday night to view the night sky and learn about the stars. The National Park Service, in partnership with the Ventura County Astronomical Society, hosted its annual Summer Star Festival.

In addition to lectures and space-related activities, dozens of high-powered telescopes were set up for visitors interested in viewing deep space. Visible that night were planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as well as distant star clusters.

“We’re out here to show our love of space and letting people see space like they don’t usually do,” said Judy Borowy, an outreach coordinator for the Planetary Society, founded by astronomer Carl Sagan in 1980. For more information and to join the society, now headed by Bill Nye, “the science guy,” go to http://planetary.org/.

Enjoy some of the highlights in our photo gallery below.


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