Anti-Bullying Campaign Teaches Girls to Find the Kind

Young women from the Conejo Valley were given an opportunity to screen Finding Kind, a bullying awareness documentary, and ask questions of filmmakers Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson Friday evening at the Agoura Hills Recreation and Events Center.

“I’m here to promote kindness with my fifth through eighth graders,” said Leslie Martinez, principal of Mariposa Global School of Global Education. “Girl to girl meanness starts as early as third grade…I want to build the skills, and I want the girls and their mothers to hear [the film’s] message.”

Filmmakers to Screen ‘Finding Kind’ to raise Awareness About Bullying

Many of the girls in attendance have experienced bullying themselves. Emilee Delman, 10, says it especially hurts to see her peers being “mean” and “rude” to others. “It makes me really sad when other girls need help and no one’s really there for them,” she said. “I have to be there.”

Prior to the screening, Paul and Thompson recounted their personal experiences in middle school and high school, respectively, which ultimately lead them to create the Kind Campaign, an organization that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying.

Following the film, audience members asked questions of the filmmakers, who shot the film while on a 10,000-mile, cross-country road trip.

The Kind Campaign offers curriculum to schools throughout the country. For more information, go to



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