Children to Have a ‘Passover Experience’

passover matzahTemple Adat Elohim Early Childhood Center is facilitating its first ever “Passover Experience” for all children enrolled in the preschool.

“We are changing it up this year and instead of a Seder as our Passover experience, we decided to do a round robin,” said ECC Director, Donna Becker.  This progressive event will highlight all of the symbolic and traditional elements that go into the celebration of Passover, the spring Jewish holiday that commemorates the story of Exodus and the Jews becoming free of Pharaoh’s enslavement.

“We will begin a three-year cycle, which is something new for our school,” Becker said. “Last year was the Seder, this year will be the round robin, and next year will be a reenactment of the Exodus.”

Friday morning began with music and celebration, which is expected on all Friday mornings thanks to the kid-centric Shabbat experience led by Cantor David Shukiar and Rabbis Diamond and Dubowe. This Passover themed Shabbat service will be the introduction to the round robin, which will be a hands on experiences that will take the children, ages 18 months to transitional kindergarten through traditional aspects of Passover.

Children will be actively learning about Passover by making their own matzah, creating their own “wine” cups for Elijah and more.

The Passover Experience will begin in the sanctuary with music and then the children will travel with their own classes to different stations on campus. Family volunteers will help donate food and other necessary props in addition to chaperoning and experiencing Passover with the children 

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