Dodgers’ Doc: You Can ‘Heal Like a Pro’


Dr. Eric Blum, the official chiropractic consultant for the Los Angeles Dodgers, practices in Westlake Village.

Not feeling up to speed? Do you have aches and pains you’ve been ignoring? With the start of the new year, it’s time to listen to your body and take care of yourself for a fresh start. Dr. Eric Blum, who runs Synergy Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation, knows about healing the body: he’s the official chiropractic consultant to the L.A. Dodgers, as well as other pro athletes. Blum will be writing a column offering advice to CV Happening readers in the coming weeks.

A swimming injury while attending the University of Arizona led to a fascination with recovery and healing, according to Blum. After receiving a Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sport in 1996, he went on to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1999.

Blum’s chiropractic techniques are unique from other known practices, as he tackles physical problems and injuries using a three-step approach. “[First] let’s loosen all the tight [muscles] and reduce the inflammation and stabilize it. [Then] get the bones in place so they are properly aligned … Then we strengthen,” he said.

Using state of the art equipment, Blum’s patients, who he treats at his Westlake Village-based office, are experiencing healing of injuries in a fraction of the time. Among the many everyday problems he sees are technology-related. “Because of the computer age, we sit way too long,” he said. “We create what’s called a forward head carriage or ‘upper crust syndrome.'”


An arm injury being treated at Dr. Blum’s practice with state of the art technology.

Blum explains that the muscle injury occurs when the head, which weighs as much as a bowling ball, leans too far forward, creating stress on the neck and upper body. Fortunately, there are things we can do at home to correct the problem. “Stretch, get up and move every 45 minutes to one hour,” he said. “If you’re in the middle of something and can’t leave, raise your arms above your head. Wave your hands, wiggle your toes … make clockwise and counter-clockwise sideways figure-eights with your nose.”

He also recommends keeping an eight-ounce cup of water at your desk. “Each time you have to refill the glass, you have to get up. Each time you have to go to the bathroom, you get up. It keeps you moving,” he said. “With this technique, you are also keeping hydrated.

Since he started his practice, he has worked with and treated multiple Major League Baseball (MLB) organizations like the Dodgers, the New York Mets and the San Francisco Giants. He has also had the honor of traveling with and treating multiple Olympic Athletes, including the U.S. Swim Team.

Blum does not take his good fortune for granted. “It’s awesome,” he said. “I’ve been blessed to be able to travel the world and do what I love.”

Blum has won the Gold Standard Award (US Swim Team) and holds multiple certifications and specializations.

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