Farmers Market Finds: Mac-o-Licious Mac and Cheese

Have some incredible mac 'n' cheese at your next farmers' market outing.

Have some incredible mac ‘n’ cheese at your next farmers’ market outing.

by Mira Reverente

There’s mac ‘n’ cheese and then there’s absolutely amazing mac  and cheese.

On its third week at the Calabasas Farmers’ Market, Mac-o-licious is fast becoming a sought-after vendor and commodity.

Situated all the way in the back of the perennially crowded market, the crowds manage to find the stall, probably with their sense of smell guiding them.

“We continue to sell out of everything,” said owner Kelly Chapman. “We are definitely feeling the Calabasas love.”

The Five Cheese variety is the most popular variety of this time-tested comfort food. “If you like white cheese, this is the one for you,” said Chapman to a family with two young children.

Made of fontina, asiago, cheddar, gruyere and parmesan, it is easy to see why it’s a consistent top-seller.

The recipes are Kelly Chapman's, influenced by her grandmothers' renditions of the popular comfort food.

The recipes are Kelly Chapman’s, influenced by her grandmothers’ renditions of the popular comfort food.

Depending on your taste buds, the other flavors are to-die-for as well, starting with Kelly’s Original Southern Mac, the traditional version with melted cheddar.

The Original is a hybrid version of ma ‘n’ cheese recipes passed down from Chapman’s two Southern grandmothers. “I’ve tweaked it many times over from tasting the dish countless times in my grandmothers’ kitchens,” she said.

For seafood lovers, there’s the Frous Frous Mac with crab meat and penne pasta. The Garden Mac with a variety of vegetables may appeal to the more health-conscious.

Chapman claims she can devour mac ‘n’ cheese everyday, especially her personal favorite, the American Mac, a delightful combination of asparagus and bacon.

To deliver that extra kick, Chapman comes prepared with a hot sauce selection composed of Tabasco and Tapatio, among others.

The mac ‘n’ cheese can also be ordered by pans or trays, for parties or just for one’s dinner table. The Creamy Mac usually gets ordered the most in large quantities.

Mac-o-licious is at the Calabasas Farmers' Market every Saturday and at four other markets around the Southland during the week.

Mac-o-licious is at the Calabasas Farmers’ Market every Saturday and at four other markets around the Southland during the week.

What started out as a food truck in Burbank has evolved into a farmers’ market stand and catering business. “There were so many challenges in the food truck business,” Chapman said of her business’ recent transition. “There’s more consistency and more things you can control in farmers’ markets.”

The Mac-o-licious price points are reasonable–$5.75 to $6.50, for an 8 ounce container. Grab a punch card, buy nine bowls or containers and your tenth one is free.

Don’t forget the heavenly cornbread muffin, a popular side to the macs. The 67 grams of goodness sells for just $0.75 a piece.

Go on a mac ‘n’ cheese hunt in Calabasas next Saturday. Mac-o-licious is also at the Sherman Oaks, Miracle Mile, Century City and Brentwood Farmers’ Markets during the week.

No time to head to the markets? Says Chapman, “I’ll deliver in this immediate area for orders over $50.”

“Will you be here again next Saturday?” a child asks Chapman. “Of course, I will,” she replied.

For more information, or to order, click here.

The Calabasas Farmers Market is open from 8 am to 1 pm every Saturday at 23504 Calabasas Road, across the street from the Sagebrush Cantina.  

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