A Festive Night at the Adobe

The historic Reyes Adobe was all aglitter Friday evening as local residents and dignitaries mingled, dined and shopped at Night at the Adobe, the elegant kick-off soiree to the weekend’s Reyes Adobe Days. The event featured the art works of Butch Hartman (Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom) as well as several young, local artists, like Evan Lewis and Danny Lacy, creator and writer of Crack-Duck, shown on Internet media.

Kristy Kay graduated from Oak Park High School in 2008 and went on to San Jose State University where she majored in art and illustration. She now works for Sony Pictures animation as a visual development artist and is currently working on the sequel to Hotel Transylvania. “I’m sort of the middle person before the [art] goes to the modelers,” she said. “So I’m given the designs in drawing form and told to design colors for more of a finish.” Many of her student interpretive work is on display.

Also making the rounds were political candidates Sheila Keuhl, running for county supervisor, and Ted Lieu, running for the departing Henry Waxman’s seat in Congress. “I’m thrilled to be here at Reyes Adobe Days.” Lieu said. When asked about the local issues he would tackle, he said, “I think the environment is critical for this district. I would work on issues such as open space preservation, dealing with climate change, making sure we don’t have air pollution or pollution along the coast.”

Below, in our photo gallery, are some of the highlights of the evening.



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