Fit Family: Hot New Fitness Trends For 2015

by Mike Levinson

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.17.56 PMThe New Year is just around the corner, which means countless people will resolve to get in shape. But before you plunk down the cash for a gym membership or sign up for a personal trainer, you’ll want to know what’s going to be HOT.

Here’s a look at what they expect to be the hot fitness trends in 2015:

Body weight exercises takes the top spot

Body weight training, which uses minimal equipment, has been around for centuries but is gaining in popularity as more commercial gyms embrace the trend. While you may think body training is all about push-ups and pull-ups, it really can be more than that. This form of exercise is particularly attractive, because it won’t cost you anything if you skip the gym program.

High-intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training is still popular and is expected to be so in 2015. This type of exercise typically involves short bursts or exercise followed by short periods of rest. These programs are appealing because they usually take less than 30 minutes. That’s not to say there aren’t high-intensity interval training workouts that go for much longer than 30 minutes. The knock on this type of workout program: the potential for increased injury rates.

Strength Training

Strength training has remained popular in all areas of the health and fitness industry for all sorts of people. While weight training is popular among the younger clients,  it’s now used by all age groups.

Personal training

Exercising is popular and so is becoming certified to train people. Personal trainers are becoming more accessible, giving people an alternative to hitting the gym. Personal trainers can be found in community based programs, in commercial settings like at a gym, in the private sector and even as part of corporate wellness programs. If you decide to hire a personal trainer, it’s important to make sure the person is qualified.

Combination of weight loss and exercise

When it comes to losing weight there’s no magic bullet, which is why a growing trend in the fitness industry is combining exercise and weight loss into one program. Typically the programs emphasize caloric restriction and a sensible exercise program.


Yoga continues to reinvent itself. There are many forms of yoga, countless instructional videos, books and classes.

These days there’s no excuse not to get and stay in shape for the New Year!

Mike Levinson, a Calabasas resident, is a former amateur bodybuilding champion and registered dietitian who holds dual degrees in sports nutrition and physical education. He has worked extensively as a nutritionist with the California Angels baseball team and with famous athletes such as Charles Oakley, JT Snow and Sean Rooks. He also worked as a nutritionist for the Chicago Bears and the Oakland Raiders. 

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