Meet Copper, ‘Professional Heart Stealer,’ Winner of Our Pet Costume Contest


Wright with Copper

Conrad Wright, Jr. said he was able to garner over 1,700 votes for his pirate-costumed Beagle, Copper, because “everybody loves him.” Using Facebook, he updated his friends frequently, reminding them to vote. His efforts paid off.

The Simi Valley resident fashioned Copper’s leather outfit, which features saddlebags, a pouch sporting a skull and cross bones and a loot-bearing wagon, himself. “I go to a lot of pirate fairs, and the costume was a reflection of my own outfit,” he said. Wright uses his leather-working talent to create fantasy, pirate, Renaissance fair items and props, and wherever he goes, he likes to take Copper along for the ride.


Copper in costume, looking very “Jack Sparrow.”

“He love attention and loves to go to events,” said Wright, who adopted the eight-year-old dog from a rescue organization. “I like to say he’s a professional heart stealer. Everyone is drawn to him”

Wright, a bank compliance risk auditor by day, also stars in a web series called League of Steam, in which he plays a vampire hunter. “The show is like a steampunk version of ‘Ghostbusters’ with a little bit of Scooby-Do mixed in,” he said of the series, which just started its third season. Copper is about to make his screen debut in the show as a steampunk hunter. “He’s going to help track monsters,” he said.


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