One-Stop Health and Wellness Hub Opens in Newbury Park

By Mira Reverente


The Megaformer classes are for all ages and all fitness levels.

What if you could do almost everything fitness and health-related in one place? That is Kristin Beierle’s vision. A chiropractor by profession, Beierle does consultations and spine alignments during the day and manages to find time to teach about 40 classes per week at her newly-opened BodyRestoration Chiropractic Clinic off of Old Conejo Road in Newbury Park.

Lithe and limber, the 33-year-old is a walking advertisement for her specialty classes using the Megaformer.“I actually discovered it after chiropractic school,” said Beierle, referring to the workout regimen founded by fitness guru Sebastien LaGree. Quite versatile, the Megaformer machine stimulates and tones the muscles. Every low-impact movement targets different muscle groups and can be modified according to one’s ability or fitness level.

Beierle emphasizes incorporating the chiropractic philosophy of “how structure determines function” into her program. “I target the structure of the body in my treatment room, so people can function their best on the machines,” she said


Chiropractor Kristin Beierle (left) currently teaches all of the Megaformer classes in Newbury Park.

Beierle’s 40-minute classes have been described in a recent article as “the love child of CrossFit and Pilates “It’s good for anybody and everybody because it helps you achieve balance, toning and gets your adrenaline pumping,” she said.

And they seem to appeal to everyone, whether they’re high-schoolers or seniors. “It’s for people ready to make a change,” said Beierle.

This writer got to sample one of the “lunch rush” classes. The Megaformer was initially intimidating with its straps as well as yellow and red springs that needed to be adjusted every now and then to increase or decrease intensity. As class progressed, this writer got into the energetic flow moving with Beierle’s expert and soothing guidance.  Suffice it to say, the Megaformer not only engages your muscles but your mind as well. Unlike other “auto-pilot” workouts, this one involved a lot of focus and concentration.

Becky Castano LAc, Dipl.OM

Licensed acupuncturist Becky Castaño lends her Oriental medicine expertise to Body Restoration Chiropractic.

What if you already take care of your workout regimen but want to de-stress more? Some relaxing acupuncture may be just what you need. Focused on the wellness of mind, body and spirit, Becky Castaño practices this type of Chinese medicine at the clinic. A licensed acupuncturist, Castaño believes that the ancient practice is good for everyone, whether  young or old, active or sedetary. “It increases blood flow and decreases inflammation and pain,” said Castaño, holding up a typical needle, no thicker than a cat’s whisker. “If you’re stressed or feeling ‘off-balanced,’ acupuncture can make you more centered and relaxed.”

Castaño also practices Japanese-style “cupping,” which increases warmth and circulation in the body and can be used alongside acupuncture. In addition, she is schooled in Chinese herbal medicine, moxibustion and aroma touch, all designed to achieve balance and wellness.

For deeper tissue work, holistic health practitioner Todd Sellers is also on-site. Specializing in a blend of Eastern and Western modalities, including deep tissue massage, Sellers believes in “getting to the root of the problem.”


The Megaformer workout engages your body as well as your mind.

“I like to ask questions and figure out what the patient needs, what he/she does, in order to figure out how I can best help him/her,” said Sellers, who is a licensed massage therapist. “I pay attention to micro-signals, say a bit of twitching, which may signal that there’s another issue or pain in a different area other than what the patient mentioned.”

Especially with the proliferation of newer gadgets and widespread technology, it is not unusual for Sellers to come across an increasing number of hand, shoulder or back issues with computer users. “It’s just the way it is, the price we pay for technology,” he said. “Fortunately, we can address that here.”

To complete the clinic’s total wellness approach, there’s an on-call registered dietitian, according to Beierle. “It’s all part of our inside-out approach to helping people maintain an active and healthy lifestyle,” she said.

Body Restoration Clinic’s formal grand opening celebration is on Saturday, August 1, from 12-4 p.m.

For more information or to book a class or an appointment, click here.

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