Pet Spotlight: Give This Marine a Home Coming

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ID# A4731716

by Bill Harris (Helen Hartel is on vacation)

Marine is a neutered three-year-old male Pit Bull, who came to the Agoura Shelter on July 9 when his family of only two months brought him to us (they rescued him from Camarillo). The family kept him outside most of the time, and he wasn’t happy with that. Most Pitties are really most content being integrated into the family in the house.

Marine is a very friendly dog who enjoys being with people. He loves going on rides in the car and gets along with dogs, kids and cats. He is very big, however, and has a lot of energy. He doesn’t know that his weight and strength can accidentally topple a child or small adult easily, so we suggest that he not go home to a family with small children. It will take a firm hand to walk him and, because of his energy level, he would benefit tremendously from regular exercise (accompanying a jogger or runner would be great).

The previous owners told us Marine is housebroken and didn’t try to escape from the yard or the house. He is doing very well in our training program, learning his leash manners and some basic obedience commands like sit, wait, “four on the floor” (to keep him from “popping” up in your face). He is quite smart and eager to please and loves treats–that makes it easier to train him.

Marine will make a great addition to the right family, one that understands Pitties and will take the time to make sure he gets his exercise and continued training. If you are interested in meeting and/or  adopting Marine, request ID# A4731716 at The Agoura Shelter. We are located at 29525 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills. Occasionally pets have already been adopted. To check availability, call 818-991-0071 or visit

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