Pet Spotlight: This Mango is Sweet, Ripe And Ready For Adoption

by Helen Hartel


To adopt Mango, request A5014209.

Mango, a five-year-old female Pit Bull mix, had a nice, loving home until her landlord said the breed was no longer welcome.

Unfortunately, misinformation about “pittie” types is rampant among lay people, with or without community laws, excluding dominant breeds. According to the ASPCA there is no evidence that breed-specific laws make communities safer for people or companion animals. Following a thorough study of human fatalities resulting from dog bites, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) decided to strongly oppose breed specific legislation. The CDC cited, among other problems, the inaccuracy of dog bite data and the difficulty in identifying dog breeds (especially true of mixed-breed dogs).

Mango’s heartbroken owner had little choice but to bring her to Agoura where the dog had a short period of adjustment to shelter life and is fine now. She keeps her tail up and wagging, and with her affectionate personality, it is hoped that her forever family will walk in and take her into their home and hearts.  Could that be with you?

Here are some things you should know about Mango:

  • She gets along with dogs of all sizes.
  • She is housebroken.
  • She is good with children.
  • She can be trusted to be alone in the real room.
  • She walks well on leash and walks beside her person.
  • She is calm and quiet.
  • She is good in the car.

If you are looking for a good dog that had a great upbringing, is affectionate, has medium energy, a loving personality and thrives on attention, ask to meet her today. She will fit into just about and home and family.

Mango is sweet and golden on the inside. This may sound like a description of a delicious fruit but it really describes our delectable Mango, who is available fo oadoption today.

To adopt Mango, request A5014209. The Agoura Shelter is at 29525 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills. Occasionally pets have already been adopted. To check availability, call 818-991-0071 or visit

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