Pet Spotlight: Special Dogs Urgently Need Adoption

by Helen Hartel

Chica A4412581

Chica A4412581

It is highly unusual for the Agoura Shelter to have a dog with diabetes, but currently there are two: Chica, a 9-year old female Beagle, and Boo, a 10-year old miniature Poodle. Chica is temporarily in foster care and Boo will soon be returning from a veterinary office. Both urgently need forever homes.

Why is placement urgent for these two pups? Because they each need insulin injections twice daily, twelve hours apart. At the shelter everyone tries their best, but with changing work shifts, calls to go out to pick up stray or injured animals, etc, it is very difficult to stick to the medication schedule these friendly, loving dogs require.

Chica is on a low dose of the human grade insulin. She can see shadows but her vision is failing. Her blood work needs to be done every three months to confirm she’s on the right amount of medication.

She loves to follow people around and enjoys a good snuggle. She is great with other dogs and kids. If a child is very young and grabby, she will just avoid the situation. In typical Beagle fashion, she is very excited when it is time to eat. She even carries around her food dish a little while after finished. She is very smart and adapts to new environments very quickly. She’s also a great travel buddy in the car.

Chica really enjoys her daily walks. One just has to pay a little closer attention so she doesn’t run into a hazard that a dog with full vision would avoid. She is also house trained.

Boo A3576068

Boo A3576068

The Animal Foundation of America is currently collecting funds to help offset the expenses of insulin and blood work. A tax deduction donation can be made through PayPal @ [email protected]

Boo also has diabetes. He is just the sweetest little thing. He just needs insulin twice a day but has no outward signs of the need. Boo may be 10-years old, but this little guy still likes to behave like a puppy.

Other than the need for insulin, both dogs have been checked by a private veterinarian and are in perfect health.

Both Boo and Chica are full of energy and life. They just need a family to love, one that is consistent with giving the medications they need to sustain their quality of life.

To inquire about adopting either Chica A4412581 or Boo A3576068, call 805-558-5240. If that voice mailbox is full you can call the shelter at 818-991-0071 

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