Photo Gallery: ‘Nightmare’ in Calabasas UPDATE

UPDATE: Patricia Audick has contacted CV Happening with an update.

“My son and I have added 5 new characters this year: a three piece band with a boney sax0phone, a fishy accordion and a string base with an additional dummy inside of it,” she wrote in an email. “There are two new witches, large and small, flying aloft on their brooms. The total movie themed pieces on display now number 18!”

Kyle Audick has established a website featuring his creepy creations. To take a look, visit And for their full story, read below.

Post from 2014:
Jack Skellington, Sally and the rest of the gang from Halloween Town are visiting Calabasas thanks to the imaginative creations of a local family. The Audicks have been displaying characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas for the past 10 years. “It all started when my son [Kyle] made Jack Skellington,” said Pat Audick, a resident since 1983. “It was about eight feet tall, and it got such a positive response from people that we kept with that theme.” Since then, Jack has undergone several transformations and is now a towering 15 feet tall.

The Audicks Halloween display, which can be seen on Parkmor Rd. near Lupin Hill School, has expanded to 11 figures, which are made out of repurposed and recycled materials. “Most of the heads, including those of Jack and Sally and the mad scientist, are actually paper lanterns which we cover with several layers of paper mache,” said Audick, who calls the fabrications a “Halloween hobby.”

It takes several weekends to fashion a figure over the summer, and it’s a family affair. “My son [a multi level video game designer (Call of Duty)] designs and forms the shapes, and I help with the painting and sewing the costumes,” she said.

The family particularly enjoys seeing the delight on children’s faces as they pass their house.”We believe in presenting the positive aspect of Halloween,” she said. “The joy we put into making these things is reflected in the joy we’re giving to the kids in the neighborhood.”




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